The full stack banking platform for web3 companies

A single platform to manage all of your company's fiat and crypto operations, from FDIC insured bank accounts to institutional crypto custody.

Fiat and Crypto Treasury Management

USD Checking Accounts

Free ACH and Wire payments. No monthly fees, minimum balances, or hidden fees.

Institutional Crypto Trading & Custody

FinCEN regulated trading and custody.

Real-Time Transfers Between Counterparties

Move and settle assets 24/7 with counterparties on Monie’s network.

Corporate Visa Cards

Issue unlimited Visa cards to your team and manage expenses.

Built for Startups & Institutions

Web3 Startups

DAOs, DeFi & CeFi startups

Trading Firms

OTC trading & market makers

Venture Funds

DeFi foundations & traditional funds


DeFi & CeFi exchanges